Work Samples of Reg McCreery
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Africa Slideshow Video
The client had boxes of photos from a trip to Africa and the Serengeti.
She hardly ever got the photos out of the box and was missing reliving the wonderful time she had. Even when the photos were viewed, they hardly made any sense because there was no order to them.
I made these 2 slideshow videos and wrote them to a HD DVD. I processed the photos, brightening them, sizing them, and then sorted them so they would tell a story. I selected the music and synchronized the music to accent important sequences. The DVD can be played on a computer or TV, making them quick and easy to enjoy over and over. One happy client!
(Click images to see each video, stop the video to return to the menu screen)
More Photos of Serengeti
DVD Package
There are plenty of additional photos. More chapters will soon be added
to the slideshow DVD.
The DVD case and disc was done in Photoshop.
This is NOT a physical item.
(I specialize in making objects appear real)