Work Samples of Reg McCreery
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Photoshop Landscaping
La Porte McDonalds:
A Chicago based company hired me to create virtual views of proposed alterations to
the restaurant. Photoshop was used to create 3 composite views
I traveled to La Porte Indiana to take initial photos of the site. It was a dark cloudy day which complicated making the composites slightly. I replaced the skies, researched the equipment to be installed and made 3D looking objects from 2D product views. I then had to find objects that might exist behind the tree that was to  be removed. The first view is comprised of more than 70 layers. In the second view, I had to find Taco Bell restaurant pictures to complete the restaurant building. I had a problem where the actual building blended with the fake building so I placed a portable sign to hide the blend. If you look at the second photo carefully, you will see that the sign is actually in the street.
Client was happy and the project went forward.

The project was to create realistic 2D photos of artificial rock and plantings along the north drainage wall.
The Los Angeles Department of Water & Power wanted to blend this wall into the surrounding mountain.
I later did speculation work to create a 3D model of the area so a walk-through animation could be provided.
The 3D project was put on hold due to budget constraints. Here is the work.
Santa Ynez Reservoir: 
( click on the images to see a larger version in a lightbox )
Ynez Before
Ynez Composite
Ynez 3D Project
Ynez 3D Project
Ynez 3D Project
Ynez 3D Project