Work Samples of Reg McCreery
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Harmar, Trail Rider
Horse Trailers Factory Direct Website
I was hired at Harmar Inc. to create online and offline marketing materials for their line of living quarters horse trailers.
I created a php based website that is automatically re-branded for each of their sales representatives. Site graphics, phone numbers, text, menu system, contact forms, and more change to fit each rep. Prices and offerings remain throughout all sites thus assuring continuity of product descriptions and pricing.
Links are provided below to a few of these sites.

I designed the site to enable the addition of a new sales rep in as little as 40-60 minutes. Cost of adding each new site is less than $10 per year for the domain registration.

ALL graphics, programming, copy created by me!
In addition to website creation, I perform search engine optimization (SEO) for the Harmar, Trail Rider websites.
The website went live in the first week of October 2010 and as of the end of February 2011, we are getting an average of 10,000 page views per month. The site is ranked at a 58% effectiveness rating and that is climbing 5-7 percent per month. Harmar pays for advertising on 2 horse trailer listing sites and has not spent anything on pay per click advertising. Monthly advertising cost is less than $200 per month.
Retro Video
I created a You Tube video quickly to showcase a new exterior option.
ALL trailer colors were created by me in Photoshop.

(Click the picture to see the video in a new window)
Monthly Specials
Monthly specials are created along with price-builder forms.
I usually do something special with the Trail Rider logo each month and theme the special to fit.

High resolution pdf files are created for sales representatives for printed flyers.

So far, I have set the logo on fire, put Christmas light on it, and turned it into a balloon animal (all in Photoshop).

(Click the graphic to see all Flyers)
Additional tasks:

I create business card layouts for sales representatives

Print media is created by me. I have made a series of 5 post cards and sales brochures for new products

I am working on redesigning the Harmar LQ and Trail Rider sites. These will be stylized
wordpress blogs. Also in the works are 3 new websites for link building.

More videos are in the works - a talking horse next!
Royal Extreme

Pre-selling a new product idea with virtual prototypes is smart.
This photo (done in Photoshop) shows a gel-coat, automotive painted trailer. Paint color schemes can be changed with the click of a button.
The base photo was a two-tone bronze/white trailer that was first painted white on the computer and colors were overlaid and bent to the shading of the image with layer modes.
The background is also changeable.